Waiting 4 April is an American rock band from San Luis Obispo, CA. The band is known for their frontman, Colton Ray’s piercing vocals — which range from clear and aggressive highs to intimate, almost lullaby-esque tones. W4A is known for their devotion to heartfelt and soul-searching lyrics, as well as their genuine connection with their fans. Ray has been quoted as saying, “It’s crazy how music brings people together — it’s kind of healing in that way. One of my biggest fears has always been loneliness and now that we have fans who connect with our music, I really don’t feel alone anymore. I really feel like our fans have saved me in that way.” After releasing their first single, ‘Fade’ in 2020, the band quickly gained a cult fanbase and grew in popularity — some due to Ray’s popular TikTok account with nearly 100k followers. Waiting 4 April has just released their debut EP, ‘Photo Memory’. The versatile EP has been referred to as “compelling, charismatic and honest.”

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from the band's new EP