Waiting 4 April is an American rock band from Dallas, TX. The band is known for their frontman, Colton Ray’s piercing vocals — which range from clear and aggressive highs to intimate, almost lullaby-esque tones. With the release of their debut EP, ‘Photo Memory,” the band quickly gained a cult fanbase and grew in popularity.
Waiting 4 April’s first EP ‘Photo Memory’ (2022) is reminiscent of early 2000’s emo with a modern, dynamic flare. The EP takes listeners through an array of songs that prove the versatility of the band. The instruments bend and twist around Ray’s vocal prowess.
In 2022, Ray flew to Dallas often to record the group’s first EP with Texas based based producers, Evan Couture (Avion Roe) and Geoff Rockwell (Southside Recorders).
W4A cut their teeth by playing their first shows and touring in South Africa. The international shows helped the band to connect with fans even more and pushed them to grow as musicians.
Originally from San Luis Obisipo, CA, Colton Ray moved to Dallas, TX in early 2023 to pursue music full-time. It wasn’t until Colton met bass player, Tyler Whiteley, that they would begin forming the group as it exists today. W4A consists of Colton Ray (Vocals), Tyler Whiteley (Bass), Jordan Modro (Guitar), and Josh Cutlip (Drums).
To connect with the band, follow them on Instagram – @waiting4april